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The Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at the University of Washington strives to recruit young men with the ability to uphold the values of Sigma Nu- Love, Honor, and Truth. We expect that new members will participate in house events, athletic, social, or otherwise, and also be in good academic standing. We hope more than anything that prospective members are intrigued by or interested in the Greek System and all that it, and our Fraternity, has to offer.

If you have a desire to explore fraternity life, attend a rush function or just have some questions, please feel free to contact any of our recruitment chairs listed below.


RECRUITMENT Miko Curry-Edwards | (206) 947-8912; Eric Netzel  | (360) 909-5535


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Rush Events

­­Potholes Camping Trip­­ 

Back in the 50’s, when the economy was blasting along like Ike’s nuclear program, some farmers in Eastern Washington decided to flood a dune field near Moses Lake to guarantee water for their potatoes. Now half a century later this surreal agricultural reservoir turned state park provides a surreal beachscape for one of the highlights of our summer. Every July a group from the house rolls over to Potholes State Park for a weekend excursion; accompanied, of course, by one of our members trusty water ski boat. We spend the sweltering days shredding between the sandbars and the nights roasting marshmallows (if we’re lucky some fresh caught fish too!) and gazing up at the limitless country stars. This is a can’t miss event!    ­­

Canoeing on Lake Washington­­   

A staple of our brief Seattle summers for the Greek system as a whole. We frequently go down to the lake and rent a few canoes. Most times we cruise over to an abandoned spur of SR­520 for some manmade cliff diving, a great way to cool off in style! Even when we don’t it’s a great time to enjoy the sun, brotherhood, and the occasional turtle brave enough to put up with our rowdiness. In a lot of ways it’s not a dry event.

FRIDAY Barbecues­­   

Ever since dinosaurs crashed through primeval jungles, Sigma Nu has had a barbecue every Friday at 5:30 during Spring and Summer quarters. Without fail, the promise of a burger and good times brings out brothers, friends, and neighbors alike. The barbecues are a great way to meet the entire pantheon of Sigma Nu and our friends throughout the Greek system. This event is one of the best places to start if you’re interested in rushing our house!   

­­Lopez Island Trip­­   

Every summer one of our invaluable alumni is kind enough to offer up his own cabin on serene Lopez Island for a weekend trip. Typically in mid­-August, this trip includes crabbing in the sound, kayaking, inner tubing, and even a rock climbing wall in the cabin itself! Sometimes, if the mercurial spirits that decide that sort of thing are feeling giving we will even see some orca whales. This is an amazing trip and the best way we’ve found to beat the daily grind of city living!    ­­


Ever thought to yourself, “I really like hockey, but it’s just too easy, it should be played on ice and while holding sticks with rubber triangles on the end instead!” Maybe not, but an ice rink owner in Renton did, giving rise to the illustrious sport of Broomball. We go down to this storied rink a few times a year to spend an entertaining night falling on our asses. A great event even though the idea behind it is so absurd!