Dear Sigma Nu Parents & Friends,

                Our parents club has been a small and mighty team the past 3 years.  Led by Anna Boyd, with fall brunch, holiday decorating parties & spring clean ups.

Anna will be graduating (with her son) this year and it leaves just a few active parents in our club.   We will miss you Anna – you have been our “rock”!


                We would love the opportunity for more parents to become involved, beginning with accurate contact information email is best.

Small donations can make a huge difference in the fraternity.  From new porch lights, proper blinds,  to once a year professional landscape trims etc.

The parents club gladly accepts any donations for special projects like these and your vote of what you’d like to see done. 

If you would like to donate please contact or call 206-200-0007. 


A couple of events to look forward to in 2016-2017:

1)       Fall Parent Brunch invitation in late September.  This is a fun event that showcases the new pledges, new house officers, alumni update and amazing food served by our wonderful cook Geri.

2)      Christmas Decorating Party in late November.  This event gets the Christmas tree and décor out of the basement and fills the house with holiday cheer along with some festive lights.

3)      Spring Clean in late April early May.  We all bring tools to spiff up the outside and inside of the house for a half day or so.  Typically a pizza party evolves and we are all satisfied with how great house looks when we leave.  See 2015 recap below.


Please consider joining to make our sons home away from home even better.


Jennifer Mehrer

Mom of Kyle Mehrer, junior