The active brotherhood of the Gamma Chi Chapter of Sigma Nu at the University of Washington represents a diverse group of undergraduate men from an equally diverse backgrounds all here for one purpose:  get a great college education while holding on the tenants of our fraternity: Love, Truth and Honor. 

Our last year's senior class!

Gavin is a senior majoring in mathematics and graduating in fall 2016. He is currently involved in undergraduate research in underwater acoustics for UW Bothell's Mechanical Engineering department, and will most likely be seeking work in a data related field after graduation. Gavin joined Sigma nu as a freshman in summer 2012. While in the house, he held the position of Rush Chairman and was a member of Brotherhood committee all four years. Gavin also won 2 championships (and counting) with Sigma Nu’s intramural softball team. His hobbies include fishing, skiing, golf and croquet.

Mitchell Miyashita - Mitchell joined Sigma Nu in 2013 and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Economics. He served multiple terms as social chair and was an avid participant in the house's numerous intermural sports teams.  Mitchell plans to begin his career in finance and begins work at Forester Financial in fall of 2016 where he hopes to positively impact the financial situations of members of the local community.


My name is Kevin Horwitz and I'm graduating from UW this June with a degree in Informatics. I thoroughly enjoyed my time through college, having played water polo competitively on the club team for 2 years, as well as being able to get work-credit for internships for the other 2 years. As a tech student in the growing city of Seattle, I got to experience work environments as small as a start up, and as large as a major airline. After college, I'll begin working as a part of Technology Advisory at Ernst & Young. Granted, a lot of these accomplishments wouldn't have happened if not for my time in Sigma Nu. Flying all the way from my hometown of Los Angeles to a place where I knew no one was a big leap in my life. I spent nearly two quarters in UW dorms before losing my sanity and only then did I start rushing fraternities. As soon as rushed Sigma Nu, I immediately felt a "click". The decision to join based off this hunch led me through some of the most fun and rewarding years of my life. 


Favorite Memory: Water skiing, camping, and drinking on our own private island in Potholes State Park over last summer. The park is sand dunes in the winter, reservoir in the summer. Kyle Mehrer took a gang of us out on his boat, and we claimed an island for Sigma Nu.

Alec joined Sigma Nu in 2012 and lived in the house for all of his time at UW.  He studied abroad in Cádiz, Spain in the Fall of 2015.  Alec is projected to graduate in Winter, 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Spanish and Mathematics.  Alec is the founder and mascot of an undefeated brotherhood competition team.  Now, he is working as an intern for Starbucks as a software developer and plans to remain in the Pacific Northwest to act as an active alumni for the Gamma Chi chapter at UW.  

Sam Stephens:

I am originally from Kennewick, WA. I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a minor in English. I have really enjoyed studying in two very different disciplines and feel confident that this diversity will help me as I begin to specialize in the future. I plan to attend law school. I am still hearing back from schools and carefully deciding where I will study for the next three years. My favorite experiences with the fraternity have been the always eventful trips I've gone on with my brothers. As much as I love our beer covered house, there's nothing like driving a bunch of troublemaking Sigma Nu's to ocean shores for PC retreats or letting a brother shave your head after one too many pina coladas in San Diego. Also, just like I know I've got a dentist in Sam Snipes, it's good to know I'll always have a barber in Tyler Leis.

Sam Snipes:

Sam joined Sigma Nu in 2012 after rushing 22 different fraternities and ditching his legacy status at Beta. No other house made him feel at home like Sigma Nu. During his time in the house, he was Social Chairman for two years and played on the UW Men's Club Volleyball Team for all four years. He was almost always at the library pursuing his dreams of becoming a dentist, but when he wasn't studying he was partying with his bros and hitting on G Phis. Sam loves being around people and living life to the fullest. After graduation, he will be working as a dental assistant in Kirkland and applying to dental school for the upcoming year!


Tyler Leis, a PC12 bro, was originally from Arizona and moved up to Washington to attend the UW. He fell in love with the area and decided to stay, recently accepting a job with Boeing. During his four years at the University Tyler pursued a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. And if you could find him when he wasn’t studying you’d undoubtedly find him at some music venue; however, he’s probably best known for his drunken stories about planes and his house nickname, Panb.

Mitch Corson: Mitch graduated from Skyline High School and joined Sigma Nu in 2012. He has lived in the house all four years and will receive his degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology this June. During his time as Philanthropy Chairman, he and Kyle Wheeler raised over $3,000 for the Ivy Center at Swedish Medical Center. He is a member of the Sailing Club and can be found on Union Bay on most sunny afternoons with several of his fellow Gamma Chi’s.

Kyle Wheeler is from Tacoma, WA where he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 2012. He pledged the chapter in the summer of 2012 and has held the positions of Social, Philanthropy, Recruitment, and Historian chairman. Kyle is graduating in June of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus in Diplomacy, Foreign policy, Peace and Security. Kyle is also a published writer, where he focused his research on the Geopolitical Security concerns in the Arctic. Kyle is fluent in French, which he hopes he can use one day by going into the Foreign Service to work at embassies around the world. His hobbies include freestyle skiing, hiking, video games, and long-boarding.

Kelvin is a senior majoring in business administration with a duel concentration in marketing and management. He will be graduating in summer 2016 and pursuing a career in marketing this fall. Kelvin joined Sigma Nu in 2013. While being an active member in the house he was also able to serve as a student senator, teach as a full time martial art instructor, and intern at businesses around the Seattle area throughout his four years of college.  

John Robinson is senior and member of PC '12. He grew up in Kirkland, WA and went to Juanita High School. John is an Information Systems major in the Foster School of Business, and has a 3.52 collegiate GPA. He has also founded two small businesses: Cascade Cold Brew Espresso through the Foster School, and John Robinson Photomatching, a sports memorabilia authentication business. Outside of school and work, John is an avid baseball player/fan and golfer. He also enjoys hiking, camping, beer pong, reading, Netflix, going to concerts, poker, Rainier beer, and hanging out with his brothers in Sigma Nu.

My name is Josiah Harrison, member of PC 2012, and I will be graduating with a degree in biochemistry. With this degree, I hope to pursue dental school after taking a gap year or two. Within these next couple of years, I hope to volunteer, work in a field that pertains to my choice of study, and prepare for the next chapter of my life. Some of my favorite memories at Sigma Nu will always be the ones that took place on our veranda where we would stay up late drinking beer, smoking cigars, and truly getting to know each other. 

Our actives!

Aaron Bae:  

I am proud to be a Sigma Nu and a Husky. I love to shred the slopes during winter, and sail during summer. Dream is to snowboard in Hokkaido, and sail in Maui. I am planning to major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. CSE is difficult field of study, but brothers in the house are very supportive and helpful. No matter what it is, be it CSE homework or sailing, there are guys that give me advice and guide me. Love the guys in the house, and couldn't imagine freshman year in UW without all the friends I've made in the house. LHT

Alex Urasaki:

Alexander Urasaki PC '14 Alex is currently a sophomore looking to major in public health. Other than class, he enjoys being outdoors, music, and Geri's amazing food. He is currently the Lieutenant Commander and Philanthropy Chairman. He hopes to eventually attend medical school.

Andrew Mudd:

Suh, I’m Andrew and I’m a freshman at UW. At the moment i am applying to the Aerospace Engineering program so fingers crossed. Other than that and doing nothing I enjoy sleeping until 2, hanging out with friends, eating Gerri food, frolicking through the fields, and praying to the almighty Snoop. When I cant do that I usually chill with my lover aka my Xbox. My favorite sport is lacrosse bruhh, but really, i just enjoy being outside. Well with that, go Dawgs!

Calvin Behrens:

Calvin is a sophomore from San Jose, California, and a first year member of Sigma Nu. He is in the Foster School of Business’ departmental honors program, focusing in finance and information systems. As a member of the house, Calvin is serving as the Recorder, Activities Chair, and Assistant Treasurer. He is a member of the university’s club Ultimate Frisbee team, Seattle Sextape. Additionally, he is a DJ for Rainy Dawg Radio, laying down the deepest indie rock cuts each week for an hour. Calvin is an avid musician, playing guitar and playing/singing in bands for 11 years and 6, respectively.

Doug Doenges:

"I am a business major and will be graduating in summer 2018. I play tennis with the club team and was elected treasurer in spring 2015. I travel with them every quarter to faraway places like Yakima (and Canada once a year) and they are my second favorite niche at UW next to Sigma Nu.


Drew Torrey is a junior from Sugar Land, Texas. He currently holds the positions of LEAD and Scholarship chairs and also has served the house as Marshal. He is in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies departmental honors program with a focus on political economics. In his free time, he enjoys running, camping, grilling, fishing, sailing, and a nice scotch or bourbon whiskey. Upon graduation, Drew is interested in pursuing a career in marketing. He joined Sigma Nu because of the large and successful alumni network, the strong brotherhood, and the unique sense of gentlemanly honor and responsibility Sigma Nu was founded and prides itself on. 

Garret Griggs:

Garret is a soon-to-be senior at UW from Yakima, WA. He graduated from West Valley High School in 2013 and pledged Sigma Nu in the same year; he has since served as Recruitment Chairman, Chaplain and Historian for the fraternity. He is currently set to graduate in 2017 with a major in Cinema Studies through the Comparative Literature department and a minor in English with a focus on Creative Writing. His interests include soccer, film and graphic design, and he hopes to find a career in video production after graduation.

George Fearing:

I graduated from Mead High School in Spokane, Washington in 2014. Since then I came to UW, joined Sigma Nu, became a rush chairman, and decided to major in psychology. I'm currently involved in undergraduate research, working at a psych lab that evaluates intervention programs for delinquent children in middle schools. In my free time I like to kayak, hike, read, and, when I'm lucky, sleep.

Gordon Krippaehne:

Gordon is a fifth generation Huskie, he joined Sigma Nu in 2013. He is studying Construction Management. While in the house, Gordon has served as the Vice President, House Manager twice and is currently on his third term as Risk Management Chairman.  His younger brother, Landon Krippaene is also a Sigma Nu at the University of Washington. In his spare time, Gordon likes to spend time with friends, play sports, watch movies, take photos and build tile mosaics. 

Jared Boyer:

Jared is a Sophomore at UW from Bothell, WA. He is currently studying electrical engineering and is on track to graduate in 2018 with a focus in nanoscience and molecular engineering. His interests include skiing and music.

Jesse Gayvoronski:

I am finishing my sophomore year at UW, and am studying chemistry with a focus in synthesis. I hope to one day be making pharmaceutical drugs. I joined the house in 2014 and have been philanthropy chairman, social chairman, and president. I don’t believe in humor. 

John Li:

JHoon is soon to be a Junior at UW from China. Graduated from Gilmour Academy, Ohio. He pledged Sigma Nu 2015. He has no major declared yet CS intended.

Jordan King:

Jordan pledged Sigma Nu in 2015 after graduating from Kentridge High School in Kent, Washington. He has been in the area since 2011, and knew that UW was the right choice for him. At UW, Jordan is involved with the UW Chorale where he gets to perform with Grammy winners like The Seattle Symphony and Stephen Stubbs. He also has performed with many varying groups around campus, including the School of Music in their opera. He is hoping to pursue a degree in Psychology and potentially go to Law School after that.

Josh Cohen:

Josh is a returning Junior originally from Sugar Land, Texas. He currently studies Materials Science & Engineering with a focus in composite materials and corrosion. In his free time he participates in the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering in which he designs, builds, and tests miniature structural bridges using various composite materials. He is an avid soccer player and a dedicated foreign currency collector.

Kai Simpson:

I was born in New Mexico and moved around a bit until I ended up in the greater Seattle area. Throughout middle school I was motivated to work hard in school and was recommended to apply to Aviation High school, which is now located on the Museum of Flight's campus on Boeing field. I was accepted and loved my time at Aviation, a STEM and aerospace oriented school. I am now continuing the path of aviation and studying Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering at UW. Outside of school I love to be outdoors, especially biking, hiking, sailing and ice skating.

Hello my name is Kyle Mehrer and I am a junior studying political science with an option in political economy at the University of Washington. I am an avid skier, water skier, fly fisherman, guitar player and singer/songwriter. I am working to pursue a career in commercial real estate. I currently serve as the Marshal for the Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Nu. Sigma Nu has meant a lot to me during my time in college and I am proud to call myself a member of the Legion of Honor.

Landon Krippaehne:

Hi my name is Landon, and I am a freshman hoping to study Electrical Engineering. I am a member of the UW car club. I have a passion for working on, and driving cars. In my free time I choose to spend time with friends and play soccer.

Mason Fox:

Mason is currently a Sophomore at the University of Washington. He has explored some different areas as far as school goes, but finally decided to pursue a major in Human Centered Design & Engineering. Mason is also the Chaplain for the Gamma Chi chapter, and he loves his job of bringing the guys in the house together for Brotherhoods. In his free time, Mason likes to go for long walks on the beach or get way too emotionally involved in a friendly Smash Bros. Melee match.

My name is Noah Schramm and I am always studying. Though it might strike some as implausible, I do enjoy other activities. These include but are not limited to being a saxophone player, going to bed early, walking around the house with no shoes, and maintaining a large stack of books on my desk. I am currently a junior at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in international studies; this may one day yield a subsistence wage. I intend to travel extensively after graduating college, and will be unrelenting in my pursuit for more rushees.

Noland Pelly:   PC’15. Industrial Engineering major. Frat star. My body is that of a sophomore, but in my heart and soul I’m a junior by credit. From the quaint little town of Bainbridge Island, WA, you could say I’m nothing more than a young buck trying to find my way in the big city. Sigma Nu is more than my home, it is my spiritual center, my Ātman materialized, the temple of my soul. Music is my first love, my sanctuary in this crazy world. I’ve devoted my life to being the best pianist the world has ever seen. I haven’t actually learned how to play the piano yet, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it someday. My life is an epic voyage, and the ship has just left the harbor. I know that the Queen of the Southern Sky will guide me on my quest for Love, Honor, and Truth as I sail into the vast unknown that is the ocean of existence.

Shamus Pippel:

My name is Shamus and I’m a freshman from Wenatchee WA. I’m 19 years old and I went to Eastmont High school. I am currently pursuing a political science degree with a focus in national defense. I love to play ice hockey and rock climb. I also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, camping, skiing, and having a good time.

Toby Caple:

Tobias "Toby" "Tony" Caple is a freshman from Lake Forest Park Washington. Although he has not yet decided his major, he is decidedly the most handsome brother in the house. Toby is a rush chair and enjoyed being a part of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority's Mr. Greek. Above all else, he brings his ability to distinguish crocodiles from alligators to the house.

Thomas Paine:

Thomas is a soon-to-be sophomore at UW from Vancouver WA. He graduated from Fort Vancouver High School in 2015 and pledged to Sigma Nu his freshman year. Currently set to graduate in 2019 with a major in Community, Environment, and Planning with a minor in Urban Design, with hopes to go onto graduate school to receive a masters degree in urban design. His interests include hiking, or just enjoying the day sight-seeing with friends.

Vineet Sandhinti:

I’m a sophomore who lives in Olympia, and soon to be in the pledge class of 2016. Lived in the dorms for a year and a half and moved in Spring quarter of 2016. I’m a prospective Informatics major interested in User Experience and Design and changed from Neurobiology earlier when I was looking at doing Pre-Med. As of now, I work at Computing Kids as an instructor at several elementary schools, teaching kids a programming language called Scratch. I love acing people in tennis along with dunking and setting up my “No Fly Zone” in basketball.